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AIPGMEE 2008 Paper

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1AIPGMEE 2008 Paper Empty AIPGMEE 2008 Paper on Wed May 11, 2011 10:54 am


AIPGMEE 2008 Mcqs with Correct Answers

Question 1: Best mode of investigation for Interstitial lung disease is ?
C) Xray
D) Ventilation-Perfusion Scan
Answer: B) HRCT

Question 2: Commonest cause of delay in puberty in males is ?
A) Constitutional delay in growth
B) Klinefelter's syndrome
C) Noonan's syndrome
Answer: A) Constitutional delay in growth

Question 3: Therapeutic index is a measure of ?
A) Toxicity
B) Safety
C) Efficacy
D) Potency
Answer: B) Safety

Question 4: Which is contraindicated in trial of labour following Caesarian Section ?
A) History of Classical CS
B) Breech
C) Xray pelivmetry not available
D) No previous vaginal delivery
Answer: A) History of Classical CS

Question 5: Most successful / irreversible method of tubal ligation is ?
A) Hulka clip
B) Ring
C) Unipolar cautery
D) Bipolar cautery
Answer: D) Bipolar cautery

Question 6: Best anastomosis of fallopian tubes is by ?
A) isthmic-isthmic region
B) isthmic-ampullary
Answer: A) isthmic-isthmic region

Question 7: Commonest type of seizure in newborn is ?
A) Tonic
B) Myoclonic
C) Subtle
D) Clonic
Answer: C) Subtle

Question 8: Treatment of Type 2Lepra reaction is ?
A) Thalidomide
B) Steroid
C) Chloroquine
Answer: A) Thalidomide

Question 9: Phase 2 trials are done to detect ?
A) Efficacy
B) Toxic dose
C) Tolerance levels
Answer: A) Efficacy

Question 10: The most radiosensitive phase of the cell cycle is ?
A) M
B) S
C) G1
D) G2/M
Answer: D) G2/M

Question 11: Osteosarcoma of mandible occuring as a secondary after treatment of retinoblastoma, is due to ?
A) Mutation in Rb gene
B) Due to Irradiation
C) Due to Chemotherapy
D) Mutation in p53 gene
Answer: C) Due to Chemotherapy

Question 12: All take part in the formation of nasal septum except ?
A) Ethmoid
B) Sphenoid
C) Lacrimal
D) Palatine
Answer: C) Lacrimal

Question 13: Penicillin effective against Pseudomonas is ?
A) Piperacillin

Question 14: Rib-notching on X-ray is seen in ?
A) Co-arctation of Aorta
B) Rickets
C) Pulmonary AV Fistual
Answer: A) Co-arctation of Aorta

Question 15: Abbe Estlander Flap is used in reconstruction of ?
A) Tongue
B) Lip
C) Pharynx
D) Mandible
Answer: B) Lip

Question 16: Long term hemodialysis is associated with deposition of ?
A) beta2 microglobulin
B) transthyretin
C) pyrin
D) beta amyloid protein
Answer: A) beta2 microglobulin

Question 17: Drug used in severe hypertension in Pre eclampsia is ?
A) Labetalol
B) Metoprolol
C) Alpha methyl dopa
D) Nifedipine
Answer: C) Alpha methyl dopa

Question 18: Ferruginous bodies are seen in ?
A) Asbestosis
B) Byssinosis
C) Silicosis
D) Bagassosis
Answer: A) Asbestosis

Question 19: Which of the following is not an antifungal ?
A) Ciclopirox
B) Fluconazole
C) Clofazimine
D) Undecylenic acid
Answer: C) Clofazimine

Question 20: Pain in ureteric stone is due to ?
A) Irritation of intramural ureter
B) Increased peristalsis of ureter
C) Stretching of renal capsule
D) Rupture ureter with extravasation of urine
Answer: B) Increased peristalsis of ureter

Question 21: Ringed Sideroblasts are seen in ?
B) Myelodysplastic syndrome
Answer: B) Myelodysplastic syndrome

Question 22: All of the following are tributaries of Cavernous sinus except ?
A) inferior petrosal sinus
B) superior petrosal sinus
C) superficial middle cerebral vein
D) deep cerebral vein
Answer: D) deep cerebral vein

Question 23: Blood supply to vas deferens is by ?
A) superior vesical artery
B) middle rectal artery
C) inferior epigastric artery
D) cremasteric artery
Answer: A) superior vesical artery

Question 24: Immunomodulator used topically in genital warts is ?
A) Imiquimod
B) Tacrolimus
C) Podophyllin
Answer: A) Imiquimod

Question 25: Not a side effect of Tacrolimus ?
A) Diabetes / Hyperglycemia
B) Nephrotoxicity
C) Neurotoxicity
D) Hirsuitism
Answer: D) Hirsuitism

Question 26: Vein lying in peritoneal fold guarding the paraduodenal spaces is ?
A) Inferior mesenteric
B) Left colic
C) Splenic
D) Middle colic
Answer: A) Inferior mesenteric

Question 27: Migratory thrombophlebitis is NOT seen in which cancer ?
A) Ca Lung
B) Ca Prostate
D) Ca Pancreas
Answer: B) Ca Prostate

Question 28: Which of the following is a sign of Aortitis ?
A) Descending aorta calcification
B) Ascending aorta calcification
Answer: A) Descending aorta calcification

Question 29: Which of the following vaccines is contraindicated in Pregnancy ?
B) Rabies
C) Hepatitis B
Answer: A) MMR

Question 30: Which of the following is the drug of choice for SVT ?
A) Verapamil
B) Diltiazem
C) Digoxin
D) Phenytoin
Answer: A) Verapamil

Question 31: Most common cause of maternal mortality in India is ?
A) Obstetric hemorrhage
B) Abortion
C) Septicemia
D) Anaemia
Answer: A) Obstetric hemorrhage

Question 32: Most common type of Carcinoma of Thyroid is ?
A) Papillary
B) Medullary
C) Follicular
Answer: A) Papillary

Question 33: Soft ticks are vectors in ?
B) Relapsing Fever
C) Indian tick typhus
D) Tularemia
Answer: B) Relapsing Fever

Question 34: Basement membrane degeneration is mediated by ?
A) Metalloproteinases
Answer: A) Metalloproteinases

Question 35: Treatment of choice for CML is ?
A) Imatinib
B) Hydroxyurea
C) Infliximab
D) Interferon
Answer: A) Imatinib

Question 36: HMB 45 ?
A) Melanoma
Answer: A) Melanoma

Question 37: Diffuse Esophageal Spasm is best diagnosed by ?
A) Endoscopy
B) Barium meal / swallow
C) 24 hr Esophageal manometry
Answer: C) 24 hr Esophageal manometry

Question 38: Carcinoma Cervix is caused by ?
D) Herpes Simplex
Answer: B) HPV

Question 39: Clomiphene citrate acts through ?
A) blocking ER receptors
B) blocking Negative feedback of estrogen on hypothalamus and pituitary
C) acting synergistically with estrogen
D) inhibit gonadotropin secretion
Answer: B) blocking Negative feedback of estrogen on hypothalamus and pituitary

Question 40: Which of the following is not correct regarding RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) ?
A) Fixed by a special group of experts
B) Accoring to intense scientific data
C) Applies to all healthy adults
D) Gives required intake
Answer: C) Applies to all healthy adults

Question 41: Co-arctation of aorta is associated with ?
A) Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Answer: A) Bicuspid Aortic Valve

Question 42: In Hodgkin's lymphoma the following is characteristic ?
A) CD 15 and CD 30
B) CD 10 and CD 15
C) CD 15 and CD 20
Answer: A) CD 15 and CD 30

Question 43: All of the following are true about Vibrio cholerae O139 except ?
A) It produces O1 Lipopolysaccharide
B) It is similar to El Tor
C) It was discovered in Chennai
Answer: A) It produces O1 Lipopolysaccharide

Question 44: Drug for prophylaxis against pertussis ?
A) Erythromycin
Answer: A) Erythromycin

Question 45: False about PDA ?
A) 2-3 times commoner in males
B) Ligation is surgery
C) More in immature infants
Answer: A) 2-3 times commoner in males

Question 46: Psychrometer is used for measuring ?
A) Humidity
B) Room temperature
C) Air velocity
Answer: A) Humidity

Question 47: The term "Dementia Praecox" was given by ?
A) Schneider
B) Kraeplein
C) Bleuer
D) Freud
Answer: B) Kraeplein

Question 48: Cutting the part left of the falciform ligament would mean (according to Couinaud's segments ) ?
A) removing 1 and 4a
B) removing 1 and 4b
C) removing 2, 3
D) removing 2, 3 and 4
Answer: D) removing 2, 3 and 4

Question 49: Secondary glaucoma develops by ?
A) Iris melanoma
B) Melanotic deposition on anterior surface of iris
C) Melanotic deposition in uvea...
D) Enlargement of lens
Answer: B) Melanotic deposition on anterior surface of iris

Question 50: Which of these is not a digastric muscle ?
A) Steno-cleido mastoid
B) Omohyoid
C) Ligament of Treitz
D) Occipitofrontalis
Answer: C) Ligament of Treitz

Question 51: Anterior cruciate ligament is supplied by ?
A) Medial genicular
B) Descending genicular
C) Middle genicular
D) Superior genicular
Answer: C) Middle genicular

Question 52: Under physiological conditions the phosphorylase b in the muscles is under the inhibitory effect of ?
C) Glucose
D) Ca2+
Answer: B) AMP

Question 53: Testes should have what temperature for spermatogenesis ?
A) Above core body temperature
B) At core temperature
C) Below core body temperature
Answer: C) Below core body temperature

Question 54: Which is correct ?
A) Morula is surrounded by trophoblast
B) Morula has motility to migrate down the fallopian tube
Answer: A) Morula is surrounded by trophoblast

Question 55: Best way to diagnose anal fissure ?
A) Digital rectal examination and history
B) Direct visualization / Anoscopy
Answer: A) Digital rectal examination and history

Question 56: Fracture of 9th and 10th ribs, Patient hemodynamically stable on IV fluids but complains of pain in left lower chest Management ?
A) Laparotomy
Answer: A) Laparotomy

Question 57: Vocal cord nodules in a singer with hoarseness at typical location with acid reflux. Management ?
A) Speech therapy + PPI
B) Radiotherapy
C) Excision with CO2 Laser
Answer: A) Speech therapy + PPI

Question 58: A case of acute calculous cholecystitis ...?
A) Laparoscopy contraindicated in acute stage
B) I V Antibiotics
Answer: B) I V Antibiotics

Question 59: A woman with 2 cm gall stone on Ultrasonography, symptoms controlled. What next ?
A) Regular follow up
Answer: A) Regular follow up

Question 60: Antigen Presenting Cells ?
A) (??)
Answer: A) (??)

Question 61: Nigro protocol in anal cancer ?
A) Chemotherapy with radiation as alternative to surgery
Answer: A) Chemotherapy with radiation as alternative to surgery

Question 62: Not used in PPH ?
A) Syntometrin
B) Syntocinon
C) Mifepristone
Answer: C) Mifepristone

Question 63: Management of 55 year old postmenopausal female with bleeding with histopathology showing simple hyperplasia with atypia ?
A) Progestins
C) Hysterectomy
Answer: C) Hysterectomy

Question 64: Cytogenetic abnormality in synovial sarcoma ?
A) t(x;1Cool
B) t(x;21)
C) t(11;14)
Answer: A) t(x;1Cool

Question 65: Congenital nephrotic syndrome is due to mutation in ?
A) Nephrin
B) Podocin
Answer: A) Nephrin

Question 66: Which of the following is supplemented in heparin therapy to pregnant women ?
A) Calcium
B) Folic acid
Answer: A) Calcium

Question 67: What is NOT seen in treatment with Erythropoietin in renal failure ?
A) increase in Hb
B) increase in Hematocrit
C) decrease in reticulocytes
D) eliminates the need for transfusion
Answer: C) decrease in reticulocytes

Question 68: Facial Colliculi are located at ?
A) Interpeduncular fossa
B) Pons
C) Midbrain
D) Medulla
Answer: B) Pons

Question 69: Which of the following does not affect embryogenesis during pregnancy ?
B) Rubella
D) Toxoplasmosis
Answer: A) HIV

Question 70: Dharmendra / Roedley's scale ?
B) Leprosy
Answer: B) Leprosy

Question 71: All of the following are Zoonosis except ?
D) Plague
Answer: A) HIV

Question 72: Which of the following is Penetrating trauma to neck ?
A) 2 cms deep
B) Injury to vital structure
C) Penetrating Platysma
Answer: C) Penetrating Platysma

Question 73: When to give platelets while doing splenectomy in ITP ?
A) At the time of ligation of splenic vein
B) After ligation of the splenic artery
Answer: A) At the time of ligation of splenic vein

Question 74: All of the following are drawbacks of rhythm method / calendar method of contraception except ?
A) cannot be used when periods are irregular
B) higher incidence of congenital malformations
C) high failure rate of 10 per HWY
Answer: B) higher incidence of congenital malformations

Question 75: Most important risk factor for Placenta accreta ?
A) Multiparity
B) Curretage
Answer: B) Curretage

Question 76: In Mullerian agenesis syndrome, all are absent except ?
A) Uterus
B) Vagina
C) Cervix
D) Ovary
Answer: D) Ovary

Question 77: All are true regarding Testicular feminization syndrome except ?
A) 46 XY
B) Absent / pouch Vagina
C) Well developed breasts
D) Presence of Public hair (Pubic hair)
Answer: D) Presence of Public hair (Pubic hair)

Question 78: When abortion stick is used in vagina and cervix, mechanism of termination is ?
A) Uterine contractions
Answer: A) Uterine contractions

Question 79: Ergometrine is contraindicated in ?
A) Heart disease
Answer: A) Heart disease

Question 80: A Middle aged lady with small cystic mass in vulva near Bartholin's gland (? infected), pain on walking and coitus. Best managment is ? Management ?
A) Marsupialisation
B) Surgical excision
C) Incision / Drainage
D) Antibiotics
Answer: A) Marsupialisation

Question 81: Not a part of active management of 3rd stage of labor is ?
A) Ergometrine within 1 min of delivery
B) Controlled cord traction
C) Uterine massage
D) Clamping and cutting the cord immediately
Answer: D) Clamping and cutting the cord immediately

Question 82: Which of the following is not used as landmark for facial nerve in surgery ?
A) Tragal pointer
B) Posterior belly of digastric
C) Inferior belly of omohyoid
D) Retrograde dissection of peripheral branch
Answer: C) Inferior belly of omohyoid

Question 83: Which of the following is not a compound / composite muscle ?
A) Biceps femoris
B) Rectus femoris
C) Adductor magnus
D) Pectineus
Answer: D) Pectineus

Question 84: Joints between auditory / ear ossicles are of which type ?
A) Primary cartilaginous
B) Secondary cartilaginous
C) Synovial
D) Fibrous
Answer: C) Synovial

Question 85: A sensory supply of masseter goes ot which nucleus of trigeminal nerve ?
A) Spinal
B) Motor
C) Mesencephalic
Answer: A) Spinal

Question 86: Most common cause of visual morbidity in India ?
A) Refractive errors
B) Cataract
Answer: B) Cataract

Question 87: All are true about YAWS except ?
A) It is a STD
B) It is caused by T. pallidum sp pertenue
Answer: A) It is a STD

Question 88: Mechanism of action of Pralidoxime ?
A) Reactivation of choline-esterase
Answer: A) Reactivation of choline-esterase

Question 89: Which of the following is not a source of high energy phosphate ?
B) Glycolysis
C) Oxidative phosphorylation
Answer: D) HMP

Question 90: Which of the oncogenes is associated with growth factors ?
A) fos
B) jun
C) mys
D) sis
Answer: D) sis

Question 91: Ice-berg phenomenon represents ?
A) apparent / inapparent
B) symptomatic / asymptomatic
C) diagnosed / undiagnosed
D) case / carriers
Answer: A) apparent / inapparent

Question 92: "Torsades de pointes " is seen in ?
A) Quinidine
B) Digoxin
C) Phenytoin
D) Chlorthiazide
Answer: A) Quinidine

Question 93: Which of the following drugs is NOT contraindicated in G6PD Deficiency ?
A) Chloroquine
B) Quinine
C) Primaquine
D) Pyrimethamine
Answer: D) Pyrimethamine

Question 94: Thymoma is associated with ?
A) Myasthenia gravis
B) Hypergammaglobulinemia
D) Multiple sclerosis
Answer: A) Myasthenia gravis

Question 95: Ipratropium bromide is contraindicated in ?
A) Peptic ulcer
B) Bronchial asthma
C) Hypertension
D) Urinary retention
Answer: D) Urinary retention

Question 96: Vitamin B12 is used along with folic acid in Megaloblastic anaemia because ?
A) Folic acid improves anaemia but not the neurological deficit
D) B12 acts as a coenzyme for folic acid metabolism
Answer: A) Folic acid improves anaemia but not the neurological deficit

Question 97: Corporo-basal index is used for the estimation of ?
A) Race
B) Sex
C) Age
D) Stature
Answer: C) Age

Question 98: Inclusions deposited in Pick's bodies in Pick's disease is ?
A) Hyperphosphorylated tau
B) ubiquitin
C) alpha-synuclein
D) beta-synuclein
Answer: A) Hyperphosphorylated tau

Question 99: In MEN1, most common carcinoma seen in pancreas is ?
A) Gastrinoma
B) Glucagonoma
C) Insulinoma
D) Somatostatinoma
Answer: A) Gastrinoma

Question 100: Pollicization ?
A) Surgical construction of a thumb from a finger
Answer: A) Surgical construction of a thumb from a finger

Question 101: Treatment for a pregnant women in second trimester, suffering from pustular psoriasis ?
A) Retinoin
B) Cyclosporin
C) Methotrexate
D) Prednisolone
Answer: D) Prednisolone

Question 102: Salpingitis is best detected by ?
A) Hysterosalpingography
B) Laparoscopy
C) Hysteroscopy
D) Sonosalpingography
Answer: B) Laparoscopy

Question 103: Cold AIHA (Cold Antibody Immune Hemolytic Anemia) is medicated by ?
A) Anti IgM
B) Anti IgG
C) Donath Landstiener Ab
D) Anti Ig A
Answer: A) Anti IgM

Question 104: Organism implicated in Crohn's disease is ?
A) Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
B) Chlamydia
C) Clostridium difficile
E) Mycoplasma
Answer: A) Mycobacterium paratuberculosis

Question 105: Peptide which is used as anti-tumor agent ?
A) Bleomycin
B) Doxorubicin / Dacarbazine
C) Valinomycin
Answer: A) Bleomycin

Question 106: Which of the following is not suggestive of Ileocaecal tuberculosis ?
A) Pulled up caecum
B) Narrow terminal ileum
C) Apple core appearance of caecum
D) Change in angle of ileocaecal junction
Answer: C) Apple core appearance of caecum

Question 107: Pancytopenia with hypercellular marrow, all except ?
A) Congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia
Answer: A) Congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia

Question 108: Drug of choice in premenstrual syndrome is ?
B) Prostaglandin inhibitor
C) Anxiolytic
Answer: B) Prostaglandin inhibitor

Question 109: A female with extensive lesions / ulcers in the oral cavity ?
A) Pemphigous vulgaris
B) Pemphigoid
Answer: A) Pemphigous vulgaris

Question 110: A newborn with massive abdominal distension with gas under both diaphragm ... ?
A) Stomach perforation
B) Congenital pouch colon
Answer: A) Stomach perforation

Question 111: Which of the following drugs is nephrotoxic ?
A) Streptomycin
Answer: A) Streptomycin

Question 112: An HIV patient presents with difficulty in walking and pain in the right hip on abduction and internal rotation.. ?
A) TB hip
B) Avascular necrosis
C) Septic arthritis of hip joint
Answer: A) TB hip

Question 113: A patient with chronic pancreatitis with stones in the head of pancreas and dilated pancreatic duct. Management when pain occurs every 2 months ?
A) Percutaneous stone removal
B) Analgesics, medical management
C) Surgery when analgesics dont work anymore
Answer: B) Analgesics, medical management

Question 114: Which of the following is not an antidepressant ?
A) Fluoxetine
B) Sertraline
C) Bupropion
D) Risperidone
Answer: C) Bupropion

Question 115: Flumazenil is ?
A) Benzodiazepine antagonist
B) Opoid antagonist
C) Reverse agonist
Answer: A) Benzodiazepine antagonist

Question 116: Earliest sign in order of puberty ?
A) Breast Budding
Answer: A) Breast Budding

Question 117: False regarding Volvulus is ?
A) Sigmoidoscopy is not done
Answer: A) Sigmoidoscopy is not done

Question 118: Biliary obstruction is not caused by ?
A) A. duodenale
B) Fasciola
C) Clonorchis
D) Ascaris
Answer: A) A. duodenale

Question 119: Earliest radiological manifestation of Pulmonary venous hypertension ?
A) Cephalization of veins
B) Kerley B Lines
C) Pleural effusion
Answer: A) Cephalization of veins

Question 120: Least relapse in nocturnal enuresis occurs with ?
A) Bed alarms
B) Desmopressin
C) Imipramine
Answer: A) Bed alarms

Question 121: Which of the following is not seen in post traumatic stress disorder ?
A) Hyperarousal
B) Emotional numbing
C) Hallucations
Answer: C) Hallucations

Question 122: Palpable purpura in a lady with rashes all over trunk limbs and buttocks ?
A) Henoch Schonlein purpura
B) Meningococcemia
C) Sweet syndrome
D) Hemochromatosis
Answer: A) Henoch Schonlein purpura

Question 123: Treatment of Bilateral microotia and external auditory canal atresia should be done ?
A) Before 1 year
B) Delayed till 6 years
C) After puberty
Answer: B) Delayed till 6 years

Question 124: Maximum saturated fat is present in ?
A) Palm oil
B) Groundnut oil
C) Sunflower oil
D) Soyabean
Answer: A) Palm oil

Question 125: 18 year old boy dies suddenly while playing football. Autopsy shows thickened interventricular septum. Diagnosis ?
A) Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
B) Dilated cardiomyopathy
C) Arrythmogenic right ventricular ...
Answer: A) Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Question 126: Live attenuated vaccine , false is ?
A) 2 live vaccines can't be given together
B) Give life long immunity with single dose
C) No need of booster doses
Answer: A) 2 live vaccines can't be given together

Question 127: Which is false of nutritional surveillance ?
A) It is a diagnostic method
B) Precise weight readings required
C) Done in all children less than 5 years
D) Done by a trained worker
Answer: C) Done in all children less than 5 years

Question 128: Familial hypertriglyceridemia with Increased chylomicron and VLDL are seen in ?
A) Type I
B) Type 2a
C) Type 3
D) Type 2b
Answer: C) Type 3

Question 129: Completed family size indicates ?
A) Total fertility rate
B) General fertility rate
C) Gross fertility rate
Answer: A) Total fertility rate

Question 130: Which of the following is not a mode of suffocation ?
A) Throttling
B) Smothering
C) Choking
D) Gagging
Answer: A) Throttling

Question 131: Photo-electric effect is ?
A) Photon converted to 2 electrons
B) Photon of light striking the electron in last orbit
Answer: B) Photon of light striking the electron in last orbit

Question 132: Chronic diarrhoea, on colonic biopsy crypt branching, crypt abscess... Most probable diagnosis is ?
A) Ulcerative colitis
B) Crohn's disease
C) Collagenous colitis
D) Microcolitis
Answer: A) Ulcerative colitis

Question 133: Which is not seen in haemochromatosis ?
A) Arthritis
B) Skin pigmentation
C) Hypogonadism
Answer: A) Arthritis

Question 134: Which movement helps in locking of knee during standing ?
A) Internal rotation of femur on fixed tibia
B) External rotation of femur on fixed tibia
C) Internal rotation of tibia on fixed femur
D) External rotation of tibia on fixed femur
Answer: A) Internal rotation of femur on fixed tibia

Question 135: Best view for C1-C2 (T1 - T2) fracture visualization ?
A) Odontoid view
B) Lateral
C) Oblique
Answer: A) Odontoid view

Question 136: Which of the following is not carried by posterior column of spinal cord ?
A) Pressure
B) Temperature
C) Movement
D) Vibration
Answer: B) Temperature

Question 137: Which of the following is correct regarding Diffuse Axonal Injury ?
A) frontal and temporal white matter,caudate nuclei, thalamus are most commonly involved
B) Cerebral contusion
C) Extra dural hemorrhage
Answer: A) frontal and temporal white matter,caudate nuclei, thalamus are most commonly involved

Question 138: All of the following cells are found in the respiratory part of lungs except ?
A) Clara cells
B) Kulchitsky cells
C) Brush
D) Langerhans cells
Answer: D) Langerhans cells

Question 139: Histology of Whipple's disease ?
A) Histiocytic infiltration of lamina propria
B) Eosinophilic infiltration of lamina propria
C) Granulomatous infiltration of lamina propria of jejunum
Answer: A) Histiocytic infiltration of lamina propria

Question 140: True about breast swelling with pain in Puerperal period ?
A) Infected from Infant's GIT Organisms
B) May develop abscess and require aspiration
C) Most common causative organism is E. coli
D) Treat with antibiotics
Answer: B) May develop abscess and require aspiration

Question 141: A 35 year old man with severe hair loss of scalp, eyebrows, eye lashes but with scanty grey hair. Diagnosis is ?
A) Androgenic alopecia
B) Telogen effluvium
C) Alopecia areata
D) Anagen effluvium
Answer: C) Alopecia areata

Question 142: Okazaki fragments ?
A) Single Stranded DNA replication
B) Transcription
C) Double Stranded DNA replication
D) Translation
Answer: C) Double Stranded DNA replication

Question 143: Broadening / Flaring of Anterior end of ribs is seen in ?
A) Rickets
B) Scurvy
Answer: A) Rickets

Question 144: Physiologically most active form of calcium ?
A) Ionic
B) Bound to carbonate
C) Bound to albumin
Answer: A) Ionic

Question 145: Epispadias are commonly associated with ?
A) Widening of symphysis
B) Separation of symphysis
Answer: B) Separation of symphysis

Question 146: Which of the following is organochlorine compound ?
A) Endrin
B) Malathion
C) Parathion
D) Diazonin
Answer: A) Endrin

Question 147: Involvement of which of the following is not suggestive of a LOW radial nerve injury ?
A) Extensor carpi radialis
B) Brachioradialis
C) Loss of finger extension
D) Loss of sensation over dorsum of hand
Answer: A) Extensor carpi radialis

Question 148: Mechanism of action Neutrophil killing by producing oxygen radicals ?
B) Oxidase
C) Elastase
D) Hydrase
Answer: A) NADPH

Question 149: Hyperkeratosis on palms and soles with transverse bands on nails ?
A) Chronic arsenic poisoning
B) Xeroderma pigmentosa
Answer: A) Chronic arsenic poisoning

Question 150: Which of the following is not a cause of meningitis in elderly ?
A) Herpes simplex 2
B) Listeria monocytogenes
C) Streptococcus pneumoniae
D) H influenzae
E) Gram Negative Bacteria
Answer: A) Herpes simplex 2

Question 151: Not true regarding Measles ?
A) Measles is caused by one type of strain
B) The only source of infection is a CASE
C) High secondary attack rate
D) Not infectious in prodromal phase
Answer: A) Measles is caused by one type of strain

Question 152: A boy with history of frequent hematuria with dysmorphic red cells . Diagnosis is ?
A) Acute glomerulonephritis
B) IgA nephritis
C) Ureteric calculus
Answer: B) IgA nephritis

Question 153: Alkalinisation of urine is useful in ?
A) Phenobarbitone
B) Dhatura
C) Atropine
D) Amphetamine
Answer: A) Phenobarbitone

Question 154: 25 years female with blood discharge from nipple, small nodule with single duct involvement is seen. Management ?
A) Microdochectomy
B) Simple mastectomy
C) Radical duct excision
D) Radical mastectomy
Answer: A) Microdochectomy

Question 155: Which is the commonest presentation of transfusion reactions ?
A) Non-hemolytic febrile reaction
B) Hypothermia
C) Malarial transmission
D) Hemolysis
Answer: A) Non-hemolytic febrile reaction

Question 156: True about bradykinin ?
A) Causes pain sensation
B) Bronchodilation
C) Vasoconstriction
D) Decreased capillary permeability
Answer: A) Causes pain sensation

Question 157: Sorting of protein is done in ?
A) Golgi bodies
B) Peroxisome
C) Lysosome
Answer: A) Golgi bodies

Question 158: All are true about Squamous cell carcinoma of Cervix except ?
A) Arises in squamo-columnar junction
B) HPV 16 & 18 are associated with high risk
C) Common symptom is post coital bleeding
D) CT scan is not necessary for staging
Answer: D) CT scan is not necessary for staging

Question 159: Mother with previous history of adrenal hypertrophy. Present pregnancy advise ?
A) Steroids before conception
B) Check for USG sex determination and then decide
C) Steroids just after conception
D) Do chorionic villus sampling then give steroid
Answer: B) Check for USG sex determination and then decide

Question 160: Histelberger's sign is seen in ?
A) Acoustic neuroma
B) Cholesteatoma
C) Facial nerve...
D) Bells palsy
Answer: A) Acoustic neuroma

Question 161: A 75 year old man with conductive hearing loss, tinnitus, dull reflex on tympanic membrane, B type of curve on tympanometry, posterior triangle nodes palpable. What is the diagnosis ?
A) Nasopharyngeal Cancer
B) Middle ear malignancy
Answer: A) Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Question 162: Patient with complaints of chest pain, sweating, restlessness, brought to casualty, apprehension. ECG & X-ray normal. Asymptomatic with supportive measures in 10 mins. What is the diagnosis ?
A) Panic attack
B) Angina pectoris
C) Vasovagal syncope
D) Myocardial infarction
Answer: A) Panic attack

Question 163: Effect of exercise on cerebral blood flow ?
A) No effect
B) Increase
C) First decrease then increase
D) Depends on the severity of exercise
Answer: A) No effect

Question 164: A young male with HBsAg positivity, AST/ALT normal, HBeAg negative. Next line of management is ?
A) Regular follow up
B) Interferon
C) Lamivudine
D) Lamivudine plus Interferon
Answer: A) Regular follow up

Question 165: Rosettes are found in ?
A) Retinoblastoma
B) Neuroblastoma
Answer: A) Retinoblastoma

Question 166: True about Kawasaki's disease ?
A) It is the most common small vessel (immune mediated) vasculitis in children
B) I V Immunoglobulins is given only in cases of aneurysm
C) Coronary artery aneurysm occurs in 25% untreated cases
D) Diagnosed by lymph node biopsy
Answer: C) Coronary artery aneurysm occurs in 25% untreated cases

Question 167: Which is true regarding lymph flow ?
A) increases by standing
B) increases by massaging the foot
C) increases by lifting the foot
D) decreased in valvular incompetence
Answer: C) increases by lifting the foot

Question 168: Treatment of Resistant falciparum malaria in child is ?
A) Doxycycline
B) Tetracycline
C) Clindamycin
D) Chloroquine
Answer: A) Doxycycline

Question 169: Enteric fever is treated by all except ?
A) Trimethoprim & Sulpamethoxazole
B) Ciploxacin
C) Amikacin
Answer: A) Trimethoprim & Sulpamethoxazole

Question 170: In acute pancreatitis, the preferred route of nutrition ?
A) Post jejunostomy feeding tube
B) Feeding tube
C) Gastric tube
Answer: A) Post jejunostomy feeding tube

Question 171: Probiotics are used in ?
A) Necrotizing enterocolitis
Answer: A) Necrotizing enterocolitis

Question 172: Male child with imperforated anus. Treatment of choice is ?
A) Transverse colostomy
B) Anoplasty
C) Sigmoid colostomy
D) Perineal exploration
Answer: D) Perineal exploration

Question 173: Radiocontrast reactions are mostly ?
A) Anaphylactoid
B) Hypersensitivity
Answer: A) Anaphylactoid

Question 174: Which one is water soluble ?
A) Retinoic acid
B) Folic acid
Answer: B) Folic acid

Question 175: The radioisotope used for measuring blood volume is ?
A) Cr-51
Answer: A) Cr-51

Question 176: Best urine sample taken is ?
A) Midstream
B) Supra pubic aspiration
Answer: B) Supra pubic aspiration

Question 177: Right sided aortic arch is seen in ?
A) Tetralogy of Fallot
B) Corrected TGA
C) Truncus arteriosus
Answer: A) Tetralogy of Fallot

Question 178: Best site for Bone Graft is ?
A) Iliac crest
Answer: A) Iliac crest

Question 179: A woman with progressive dysphagia for liquids and solids ?
A) Achalasia cardia
Answer: A) Achalasia cardia

Question 180: Transretinoic acid therapy is used in ?
B) Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
Answer: B) Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Question 181: Gumma is seen in which type of syphilis ?
A) Tertiary
Answer: A) Tertiary
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(Single Best Answer) Question 182: Drug of choice in tertiary syphilis ?
A) Procaine penicillin
B) Benzathine penicillin
Answer: A) Procaine penicillin

Question 183: Which microorganism is least resistant to sterilization / disinfection / antiseptics ?
A) Fungi
B) Prions
C) Cysts
D) Spores
Answer: B) Prions

Question 184: Commonest occupational cancer is ?
A) Skin
B) Bladder
C) Lung
Answer: A) Skin

Question 185: Fibrin stabilizing factor ?
A) Factor XIII
Answer: A) Factor XIII

Question 186: Discolouration of urine is not seen in ?
A) Rifampicin
B) Quinine
Answer: B) Quinine

Question 187: Rh factor is ?
A) Antibody
B) Protein
Answer: B) Protein

Question 188: Concurrent list does not emcompass ?
A) (??)
Answer: A) (??)

Question 189: Community Health Centre in RCH is a centre of ?
A) Primary referral
B) Secondary referral
C) Tertiary referral
D) Not a referral
Answer: C) Tertiary referral

Question 190: Child after delivery develops hypoxemia, no response to surfactant ... ground glass appearance... normal echo ?
A) Proteinosis
Answer: A) Proteinosis

Question 191: Train of four is used in ?
A) Weaning of ventilation
B) Treatment of metabolic acidosis
Answer: A) Weaning of ventilation

Question 192: Child with posterior mediastinal cyst, vertebral body defect. What is the diagnosis ?
A) Myelocele
B) Bronchogenic cyst
C) Neuroblastoma
D) Neuroenteric cyst
Answer: B) Bronchogenic cyst

Question 193: True about heart ?
A) Depolarization occurs from endocardium inwards
B) Exercise decreases systole more than diastole
C) Vagal stimulation causes increase force of contraction
D) Denervation increases heart rate
Answer: D) Denervation increases heart rate

Question 194: Most common posterior mediastinal tumor ?
A) Neurogenic
Answer: A) Neurogenic

Question 195: Most sensitive test for Acute knee injury ?
A) Lachman
B) Anterior Drawer
Answer: A) Lachman

Question 196: All are true regarding Pneumocystis jevoricci except ?
A) Only seen in immunocompromised
B) Most commonly associated with CMV
Answer: A) Only seen in immunocompromised

Question 197: All are true regarding p53 except ?
A) Lies on chromosome 17
B) 54 kd protein
Answer: A) Lies on chromosome 17

Question 198: It is better to repair than remove which menisci injury ?
A) inner menisci injury
B) outer
C) middle
D) anterior cruciate ligament with mensici
Answer: D) anterior cruciate ligament with mensici

Question 199: Peristent hyperplastic primary vitreous ?
A) Down's
B) Patau's
C) Sturge weber
D) Tuberous sclerosis
Answer: B) Patau's

Question 200: Sudden onset pain in scrotum, no fever, redness. All true except ?
A) It torsion and not treated will lead to orchidectomy
B) Treat with antibiotics
Answer: B) Treat with antibiotics

Question 201: A Man in a sad mood as his son was diagnosed with leukemia. He does not feel hopeless, communicates with people. Diagnosis is ?
A) Depression
B) Adjustment disorder
Answer: A) Depression

Question 202: Erectile dysfunction seen in OPD... ?
A) Sildenafil citrate test
B) Corposometry
C) USG Duplex Scan
Answer: C) USG Duplex Scan

Question 203: Horizontal gaze palsy is controlled by ?
A) Abducent
B) Trigeminal
Answer: A) Abducent

Question 204: Saphenous vein region is supplied superficially by ?
A) Sural nerve
Answer: A) Sural nerve

Question 205: Secretin causes ?
A) decreased gastric juice secretion
Answer: A) decreased gastric juice secretion

Question 206: H5N1 Strain ?
A) Bird flu
Answer: A) Bird flu

Question 207: Which of the following is a proliferating glomerulonephritis ?
A) Membranous
B) Focal segmental
C) Mesangiocapillary
Answer: A) Membranous

Question 208: Which of the following is not a muscle protein ?
A) Dystrophin
B) Sarcoglycan
C) Dystroglycan
Answer: A) Dystrophin

Question 209: Which of the following has worse prognosis in AML ?
A) INV16 (Inversion 16)
B) t(15:17)
C) Monosomy 7
D) Normal cytogenecity
Answer: C) Monosomy 7

Question 210: False about Diploic veins ?
A) Thin walled
B) Present in skull bones
C) Valveless
D) Develop by 8th week
Answer: D) Develop by 8th week

Question 211: WHO definition of Blindness ?
A) Best correct 6/18 .... 3/60
Answer: A) Best correct 6/18 .... 3/60

Question 212: International and Indian Law, all true except ?
A) Health Central Govt Responsibility
B) India signitory to Alma Atta Declaration
Answer: A) Health Central Govt Responsibility

Question 213: A lady with jaundice and anemia. Inv. of choice ?
A) Coomb's test
B) Osmotic fragility
Answer: A) Coomb's test

Question 214: Glucose 6 phosphatase enzyme is absent in ?
A) Liver
B) Muscle
Answer: B) Muscle

Question 215: The site where the electrode of cochlear implant is attached ?
A) Round window
B) Oval window
C) Horizontal semicircular canal
Answer: A) Round window

Question 216: A patient with gross hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia ... Diagnosis is ?
A) von Gierke's disease
B) Cori syndrome
C) Pompe's syndrome
Answer: A) von Gierke's disease

Question 217: Calcium binding protein trigger a muscle contration ?
A) Troponin C
Answer: A) Troponin C

Question 218: Fat embolism ?
A) After 24 to 72 hrs
Answer: A) After 24 to 72 hrs

Question 219: Acute Pyelonephritis and uncomplication UTI are differentiated by all except ?
A) Tamm Horsfall protein
B) WBC casts
C) Concentrating defect
D) Organism Count
Answer: D) Organism Count

Question 220: Not an indication for inducing labour ?
A) Postmaturity
B) Diabetes
C) Eclampsia
Answer: B) Diabetes

Question 221: Rubella associated anomaly ?
Answer: A) PDA

Question 222: A 65 year old diabetic with decreased mobility of ankle joint and increased osteophytes... ?
A) Bandage could be done
B) Arthrodesis can be done
C) Total replacement is treatment of choice
Answer: A) Bandage could be done

Question 223: Hydrostatic test cannot be used to detect lung maturity in ?
A) Atelectasis of lung
B) Emphysema
Answer: A) Atelectasis of lung

Question 224: Part of cell membrane allowing neutral molecules to cross is ?
A) Porin
B) Adenylate cyclase
Answer: A) Porin

Question 225: Difference in sevoflurane and desflurane ?
A) Less cardiac depressant
Answer: A) Less cardiac depressant

Question 226: Blood pressure by sphygmomanometer ?
A) Smaller than intraarterial pressure
Answer: A) Smaller than intraarterial pressure

Question 227: During spermatogenesis, the movement of sperm is from ?
A) Epididymis - Rete testis - Straight tubule
Answer: A) Epididymis - Rete testis - Straight tubule

Question 228: Upto what level does bronchial artery supplies blood ?
A) Respiratory bronchiole
Answer: A) Respiratory bronchiole

Question 229: In case of rape of a girl, which test is used on male to confirm rape ?
A) Cells on genitals
Answer: A) Cells on genitals

Question 230: What is not seen in SLE ?
A) Venous thrombosis
B) Recurrent fetal loss
C) Pulmonary venous hypertension
D) Pancytopenia
Answer: C) Pulmonary venous hypertension

Question 231: Recurrent abortions not seen in ?
Answer: A) TORCH

Question 232: A boy with progressive torticollis, bilateral body lesion ... True is ?
A) His prognosis for survival is poor
Answer: A) His prognosis for survival is poor

Question 233: Equal time interval prevents which bias ?
A) Berksonian bias
Answer: A) Berksonian bias

Question 234: Transrectal USG in Carcinoma prostate is used to see ?
A) Seminal vesicle
B) Nodal status
C) To take biopsy
Answer: C) To take biopsy

Question 235: Fatty liver is seen in poisoning with ?
A) Aconite
B) Arsenic
C) Oxalic acid
Answer: B) Arsenic

Question 236: Conn's syndrome most commonly associated with ?
A) Cortical hyperplasia
B) Cortical Carcinoma
C) Cortical Adenoma
D) Pheochromocytoma
Answer: C) Cortical Adenoma

Question 237: Triple reflex is due to ?
A) Axon reflex
B) Local mediators
Answer: A) Axon reflex

Question 238: Extramedullary tumor. True is ?
A) Lateral side produces Brown sequard syndrome
Answer: A) Lateral side produces Brown sequard syndrome

Question 239: Bloid's ring tangles are seen in ?
A) Choroid epithelium
B) Basket cells
Answer: A) Choroid epithelium

Question 240: mip-2 protein in lens ?
A) to transfer water out
B) proteoglycan
Answer: A) to transfer water out

Question 241: In rape victim, in male, what is positive ?
A) Phenolphthalein test
B) Lugol's iodine
Answer: B) Lugol's iodine

Question 242: Allergic fungal sinusitis is characterised by ?
A) Orbital extension
B) Hyperdense infiltrate seen on Noncontrast CT scan
Answer: A) Orbital extension

Question 243: Conus medullaris. All true except ?
A) Absent ankle jerk
B) Flexor plantar response
C) Saddle anaesthesia
Answer: B) Flexor plantar response

Question 244: Gomez classification, All true except ?
A) Height is used to grade malnutrition
B) 72% means Grade 2
Answer: A) Height is used to grade malnutrition

Question 245: Which is not seen in hemithyroidectomy ?
A) Hypocalcemia
B) Recurrent laryngeal palsy is seen
C) Hemorrhage
D) Internal laryngeal nerve palsy
Answer: A) Hypocalcemia

Question 246: Diphtheria like colitis is seen in ?
A) Lead
B) Phenol
Answer: A) Lead

Question 247: Chorionic villous biopsy is not indicated in ?
A) Downs syndrome
B) Neural tube defects
Answer: B) Neural tube defects

Question 248: The area of the great saphenous vein in the leg is supplied by ?
A) Femoral nerve
B) Sural nerve
C) Posterior tibial nerve
Answer: A) Femoral nerve

Question 249: Which is not included in Integrated management of childhood illness ?
A) Otitis media
B) Neonatal tetanus
Answer: B) Neonatal tetanus

Question 250: Umbilical artery doppler all true except ?
A) Systolic / Diastolic ratio decreased due to Nicotine
B) Systolic / Diastolic ratio increased due to Nicotine
Answer: A) Systolic / Diastolic ratio decreased due to Nicotine

Question 251: Which is not a histological feature of malignant hypertension ?
A) Fibrinoid necrosis
B) Hyaline sclerosis
Answer: A) Fibrinoid necrosis

Question 252: All are true about Tubercular osteomyelitis except ?
A) Less sequestrum
B) Always secondary infection
C) Periosteal reaction
Answer: C) Periosteal reaction

Question 253: Loss of sensation in posterior wall of external auditory canal is seen in ?
A) Vestibular schwannoma
B) Facial nerve palsy
C) Cholesteatoma
D) Bell's palsy
Answer: A) Vestibular schwannoma

Question 254: About propofol all are true except ?
A) Early clear headedness
B) Kinetics governed by 3 compartment mechanism
C) Contraindicated in porphyria
D) Contains egg albumin
Answer: C) Contraindicated in porphyria

Question 255: Which is not included in Integrated Management of Childhood illness ?
A) Otitis media
B) Neonatal tetanus
C) Measles
D) Malaria
Answer: A) Otitis media

Question 256: Which drug interferes with protein synthesis ?
A) Amoxycillin
B) Penicillin
C) Tetracycline
Answer: C) Tetracycline

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