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Anatomy aipg 2010 all ques with correct answers

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Founder & Manager
Founder & Manager

1. Attachment of sustentaculum Tali, is closely related to
a. Anterior tibilais
b. Posterior Tibalis
c. Flexor hallucis longus
d. Digitorum longus
ans- c

2. Gluteus medius is supplied by
a. Superior gluteal nerve
b. Inferior gluteal nerve
c. Obturator
d. tibial nerve
Ans- a

3. In post ductal Coarctation of aorta Collateral is formed by all EXCEPT
a. Vertebral artery
b. Suprascapular artery
c. Subscapular
d. Tranverse cervical
Ans- a

4. All are composite/ Hybrid muscle EXCEPT-
a. Flexor carpi ulnaris
b. FD superficialis
c. pectineus
d. Bicep femorais
Ans- a

5. Which passes through Foramen Magnum?
a. Vertebral artery
b. 12th nerve
c. Sympathetic chain
d. ICA
Ans- a

6. Celiac plexus location
a. Anterior lateral to abdominal aorta- side & front
b. Posterior & around aorta
c. Anteriomedial to left sympathetic chain
d. Posteriomedial to Left sympathetic chain
Ans- a
(grays- )

7. left sided usually SVC drains into
a. Right atrium
b. Left atrium
c. coronary sinus – open into RA through large cornary sinus
d. pericardial space
Ans- a (grays)

8. shoulder abduction all except....
a. clavi movemnt at medial end
b. Medial scapula rotation
c. acromio clavicl jt movement
d. humerus evelation
Ans- b

9. Urigenital diaphragm is formed by A/E
a. Colle’s fascia
b. Deep transverse perinea
c. Perineal membrane
d. Sphincter uretherae
Ans- a

10. Hypogastric sheath is condensation of
a. Scarpa fascia
b. Colle fascia
c. Pelvic fascia
d. Inferior layer of urogenital diaphragm
Ans- c
(Steadman dictionary)

11. Most commonly seen is renal vessel anomaly
a. Supernumerary renal vein
b. Supernumerary renal artery
c. Double renal vein
d. Double renal artery
Ans- b

12. LN drainage of urethra spongiosum
a. Deep inguinal
b. superficial inguinal
c. pre aortic
Ans- a

explainations to some questions are present in this pdf files... open this link to read or download

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