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A word of comfot while preparing for pre pg exam

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Founder & Manager
Founder & Manager
Nice advice from Yajwan(rxpg member)

Special thanks to him....

I had written it for myself long back .. Sharing it with u..

most of the things u already know and r collected from this site and rankers from here...thanks to all of them..

If u think ur preparation is weakest..........then u r absolutely WRONG!


1st best thing is No one enters the exam hall reading everything
even the topmost one can do one can do
that...u me nor anybody.....someone has rightly said here that "aipg is
more a test of attitudes than a knowledge" so keep ur attitude right
thats the main requisite and not what u read!

2nd best thing is we dont want to be the topmost we just want a
descent rank...and that is possible with just more than 60
u have a room for making 40 percent mistakes!!! So dont be too
over-conscious of avoiding any mistakes..

3rd and MOST IMPORTANT THING IS Examiner doesn't want to know wat u
hav read which Harrison or robbins u have read n all that...
He just wants the right forget about what u have read and
what u hav not, forget about everything else..u just need to mark the
correct option..thats it!

4th best thing is that answer is in front of u.. U just have to pick it up.....

5th best thing is that even ur preparation was not perfect but u
all hav read atlest some basic things throughout 5 yrs of graduation nd
it wil definitely gonna help u even if u dont believe....its registered
in ur brain even if u never tried to remember it later..and it will
come out when options will be in front of u.. Human brain never
forget things registered previously.. It just needs some relaxed
undisturbed environment and a link to open that memory.....nd links r
in front of u and u and u have a great LOGICAL CAPACITY to correlate
all. Just u dint use it well yet!

6th best thing is u hav ur heart with urself.. The great intuition machine!!

Quoting these lines frm deepak chopras book....
'Your heart is not
sentimental.. Its relational, Its holistic,its contextual.. it doesn't
have an win lose orientation (win lose orientation of ur brain may
misguide u). It taps into the cosmic universal intelligence and takes
everything into has a great computing ability that is far
more Accurate and far more precise than anything within the limits of
rational thoughts! Its intuitive....IT KNOWS THE CORRECT ANSWER! "

So just consciously put ur attention in ur heart and ask what to
the perfect answer spontaneously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And 7th bests of best thing is ur GOD is with u..he takes the
perfect decisions for u! Whatever is happening to u good or bad is the
perfect thing happening to u!! This is the Gods mechanism to serve u ur
own evolution through these good and bads!!!!!!!! So dont be afraid of
facing not so good things..these not so good things are just to serve u
better! There is something best to come for u!

So forget about everything what u did in the last year and whats
not...forget about how ur preparation is.. Forget about the
nothing...just make ur cool mind..thats what is required to answer the
things urself in those 3 n half hours!!Forget about the exam. Its very
simple battle. Or its not a battle at all. Its just same thing u do
daily or did many times ..just t is that the place is different than ur
study room..basss thats the difference! Answer are in front of u and u
have to just mark them .as simple as that..why to look the day like
some very life and death event..its not a question of life and death..
U r not gonna die after it....surely not! At all! Its just a simple
exam containing 300 simple questions and more important 300 simple
answers along with it! Just believe urself, ur heart, ur intuitions and
beleive almighty!! And forget everything!

Quoting nice line


This is i will be handling all of ur problems for u!

The God!

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nice inspiring post


Just Entered
Just Entered

nice. thanks

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