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AIIMS November 2009- Anatomy

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1AIIMS November 2009- Anatomy Empty AIIMS November 2009- Anatomy on Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:47 pm


Founder & Manager
Founder & Manager
AIIMS November 2009
Subject Wise...

1. True about branchial arch derivatives is
1) branchial sinus most commonly arises from 2nd arch
2) branchial cyst more common than branchial sinus
3) surgical excision of branchial sinus not always indicated
Ans: 1

2. Not true about prostatic urethra:
1. Trapezoid in cross-section
2. Presence of elevated verumontanum
3. Opening of prostatic ducts
4. Posterior relation to urethral crest
Ans: 1

3. What is most medial in the femoral triangle
1. Lymphatics
2. Nerve
3. Vein
4. Artery
Ans: 1

4. Deep peroneal nerve supplies
1) 1st web space
2) 5th web space
3) anterolateral foot
4) anterolateral leg
Ans: 1

5. What does not pass below the flexor retinaculum
1. Ulnar nerve
2. Median nerve
3. Flexor digitorum superficialis
4. Flexor digitorum profundus
Ans: 1

6. Stability of ankle joint maintained by all except
1)cruciate ligaments
2)collateral ligaments
3)tendons of muscles crossing the joint
4)close apposition of articular surfaces of bone
Ans: 1

7. In post ductal coarctation of aorta, collaterals to lower limb are formed by all except
1)vertebral artery
2)suprascapular artery
3)intercostal artery
4)internal thoracic artery
Ans: 1

8. True about left phrenic nerve is
1) Anterior to scalenus anticus
2) Posterior to brachial plexus
3) Posterior to left subclavian artery
4) Posterior to hilum
Ans- 1

9. Transitional cell epithelium is seen in all except
2)membranous urethra
3)major calyx
Ans: 2

10. All are contents of vaginal sphincter except:
1)external urethral sphincter
2)internal urethral sphincter
Ans: 2

11. Which is not true
1) Superior thyroid artery is branch of external carotid artery
2) Inferior thyroid artery is branch of thyro-cervical trunk
3) Posterior branch of superior thyroid artery supplies parathyroid gland
4) Thyroid ima artery is invariably a branch of arch of aorta
Ans: 3

12. Ganglion cells in the intestine are derived from
1) fetal GIT
2) yolk sak
3) primordial germ cells
4) neural crest cells
Ans: 4

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