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1 AIIMS MAY 2011 KEY on Mon May 09, 2011 8:40 pm



1. laudonosine- atracurium . : KDT, AAA,
2. muscle rigiity of opioids- mu: GGillmann
3.exenatide- not used in type 1 dm: KDT, *PG Entrance*
4.Brca1- chr17 : MMK, AAA, Platnmm, AAA quest
5.mcc of death in mi treated with fibrinolytic- ic bleed AAA qust
6.nonresponsive NST- proceed with bio profil Kaplan
8.high tibial osteotomy- angl >30 can b corrected Maheshwari
9. sterlisation tech- ethylen oxide is intermediate disinfec
10. steroid resistnt nephrotic syn- cyclophosphamide : Harrison
nfraclavicular tb- assman focus : Platinm notz AAA quest
13. bleomycin- type 1 : Harrison
17.not fermented by colonic flora- lignin internet, MKK
18. juvenil iiopathic arthritis- raynaud's Nelson, AAA
19. limb redduction defect- varicella Nelason, AAA, PLATINM
20. congenital myopathy- z band MK, AAA
24. used in pregnancy- propyl thiouracil RRRRPPPTT
26. dna cleaved- joine by ligase Lippincort, Platnmm


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2 Re: AIIMS MAY 2011 KEY on Mon May 09, 2011 8:42 pm


Gall bladder showing comet tail appearance, AAA
Adenomyomatosis: RPT, Platinmm
Central dot sign on CT Scan ---- Carolis disease: RPT
Cis atracurium is preferrable to atracurium because of less histamine release.MK, Platnmm
Sphinter of oddi.. has 3 sphincters: RPT
Incidence can be calculatd by prospective study: MUDITT
after digestion by restriction endo nuclease dna strands can be joined by DNA ligase: PLATTINUMM
all of the following muscles retract the scapula but not Levator scapulae: BDC

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