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AIPG 2010 - Physiology ques and ans

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1 AIPG 2010 - Physiology ques and ans on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:28 pm


Founder & Manager
Founder & Manager

1. Low CSF protein seen in AE
a. Infant
b. Recurrent LP
c. Hypothyroidism
d. Pseudo tumor cerebri
Ans- c (Ref – [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2. Lung parenchyma non respiratory function
a. Exchange of anion ion
b. Sodium exchange
c. Potassium exchange
d. Calcium
Ans- b

3. Maximum Water absorption is in
a. Jejunum
b. Colon
c. Ileum
d. Stomach
ans- a (ganong)

4. Decrease insulin in
a. GH
b. Epinephrine,
c. Secretin
d. Gastrin
Ans- b

5. Action of NO on intestine
a. Vasodilatation
b. Inhibition of smooth muscle
c. Act through cGMP
d. vasoconstriction
Ans- b

6. Heart at, minimally mobile in
a. end systole
b. end diastole
c. Mid systole
d. Mid diastole
Ans- d (Grainger radio)

7. Inulin it an insulin like probiotic
a. Inhibition of gastric enzyme
b. Binds with specific enzyme & causes degradation
c. Increase water content
Ans- ?

8. Bronchial artery A/E
a. 10% of systemic circulation
b. Helps in gaseous exchange
c. Causes venous mixing of blood
ans- b

9. There increase in 5 times in cardiac output, little change Pul arterial pressure b/c
a. Exercise induced hyperventilation induced constriction of pulmonary artery
b. Upper lobe ventilation increases more than perfusion
c. Sympathetic ( ) decrease tone of vasculature
d. new channels open.
Ans- d (guyton)

10. Pt with head injury, damage to brain is aggravated by
a. Hyperglycemia
b. Hypothermia
c. Hypocapnia
d. Decrease osmolarity
ans- a

11. BMR depends upon
a. Lean body mass
b. BM index
c. Obesity
d. Body surface area
Ans- a

12. Increase BMR seen A/e-
a. Obesity
b. Hyperthyroidism
c. Feeding
d. Exercise
Ans- a (guyton)

download in pdf format - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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